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Your wedding is outdoors? What about the toilets?

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Your wedding is outdoors? What about the toilets?

Having an outdoor wedding is something that every woman desires. An outdoor wedding venue makes dreams become reality. To be more precise, it’s surrounded by natural beauty. The venue creates the perfect atmosphere for the wedding, offering limitless DIY décor possibilities. An outdoor wedding is a great way for families to get to know each other and, of course, save money.

Pulling off an outdoor wedding isn’t easy, though. There’s more involved that hiring a marquee. When it comes to celebrating outdoors, you’ll have a bunch of people over who will eat and drink whatever you put in front of them. What do you do if there aren’t any toilets nearby? You make sure you have toilets for your nuptials. Toilet hire Leicestershire is the only solution you’ve got. We need to stress that it’s not a bad solution.


Arrange your hire in advance

It’s always best to call in advance to ensure proper toilet delivery. Portable toilets aren’t expensive, but the fact is that no company has in stock large quantities. What is more, during the peak times of the wedding season, they are all sold out. This is the reason why you should make your reservation in advance. Ideally, you should hire the toilets 3 months in advance from the date of the big event. However, you can hire as far in advance as you’re comfortable.

Figure out how many toilets you’ll be needing

Outdoor weddings accommodate large numbers of people. What you need to do is figure out how many toilets you need to hire for the wedding. The first thing to take into account is the number of attendees. You’ll need exactly one toilet for 50 people. If you have 100 guests, you’ll need only 2 loos, but if you have say 1000 guests, you’ll have to hire 5. It’s up to you to do math. Another thing to consider is the number of women present because they will represent more than half the number of guests.

Placement of toilets

Logistic is probably the last thing on your mind, yet it’s something you can’t afford to ignore. The placement of the toilets has to be chosen carefully. The loos shouldn’t be in front of the guests or where they’re eating. The sight of the toilets will make your attendees lose their appetite. The best thing to do is have the toilets installed behind a bunch of trees.

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Croatia offers island hopping benefits

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Croatia is anything but expensive, if you go from September to May. Everything from accommodation to boat fares reaches its lowest point. If you haven’t ever taken your family on a trip to Croatia, take advantage of the cold season that’s coming. Island hopping is a great way to find your way around the archipelago. You don’t need a large bank account to see some of the most beautiful views in Europe. You just need to book an island hopping Split boat trip. Split is the best place to start, the Dalmatian city serving as a gateway to cities islands like Vis, Hvar, and Solta. It’s the ultimate place to start.


How to get around Croatia

If you’re really interested in exploring the islands scattered around Croatia’s coastline, you’ll have to find a way to travel. The most popular option when it comes to island hopping is booking a boat trip. A boat trip will cost you a lot less than a fancy yacht or ferry. You get the opportunity to meet new people, not to mention that meals are included. Let’s not forget about luxuries like above deck cabin. A boat trip offers great value for your money because it includes everything you may possibly need. So, book an island hopping boat trip right away.

What Croatian islands to visit

You’re not exactly at liberty of choosing where to go. When you book an organised boat trip, the itinerary is already established. This doesn’t mean though that you should settle for just about any itinerary. The great news is that you’ll be able to choose from different itineraries. Split is the starting point of your trip. The question now is where you go now. Well, you can go to the island of Brac. Zlatni Rat beach is a place not to miss and so is Povlja, the fishing village. Or you could go to Hvar. In terms of sightseeing, you have St. Stephen’s Square and the impressive Fortica. No matter where you go, you’ll have something spectacular to see.

When to go to Croatia

You’re probably wondering when it’s the best time to go island hopping in Croatia. Money isn’t an issue for you, so you can travel any time of the year. If you’re not worried about expense, you should consider the weather. July and August can be very hot and while you can stand the heat, your kids won’t be able to. Yet again, it’s better to come in the colder months, namely from September.

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Mistakes to avoid when buying a used KIA Optima

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Mistakes to avoid when buying a used KIA Optima

No matter if you’ve just started a family or you have a growing one, you’ll need a car to get them around and travel to various destinations. A car isn’t a luxury but a necessity. Whether it’s about school, work, or park, you need a vehicle most of the time. What to do if you’re desperately in need of a replacement automobile. Nothing simpler. You buy a used car. Acquiring a used car is a truly smart decision. The cost of the insurance is less, not to mention that you get more value for your buck. A vehicle that is 2 or 3 years old is highly efficient. If you want a vehicle that is a reliable, buy a used KIA Optima. The Optima has active safety tech and it’s quick. Plus, no one will know you didn’t buy a new one. Here are some mistakes to avoid when shopping for a used KIA Optima.


Failing to save money beforehand

The whole reason why you’re buying a used car is that you are on a limited budget. Dealerships do offer financing options but they have a main drawback: a big premium. The last thing you want is to have additional interest rates. You can avoid these expenditures altogether by saving money beforehand. This will cut the purchase of the vehicle by hundreds of dollars. Saving money isn’t a punishment. On the contrary, it’s a reward. Get your finances in order first and then look into KIA Optima cars.

Selecting the wrong KIA Optima

You don’t need a vehicle to get you to and back from the office. What you need is an automobile that can meet the needs of the entire family. You have decided that KIA Optima is a good candidate. But have you thought about what model you want? Chances are that you haven’t. KIA Optima 2016 and KIA Optima 2017 are the most popular choices. The former has been nicely redesigned, while the latter has a sporty feel and construction. Do your research and decide which car is the right one.

Forgetting the paperwork

Documents are a key aspect when it comes to purchasing a used KIA Optima. Unfortunately, many people neglect the paperwork completely. You should avoid making this mistake. Make sure that you get your hands on the transfer certificate, service history receipts, and warranty. You don’t want to have any regrets later on, do you?

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Your guide to health insurance in France

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Your guide to health insurance in France

France is one of the few countries with an amazing healthcare system, and there are many free things you can enjoy in this department, as long as you are insured. Relocating to France means you will have to research  few important things, in order to have all your paperwork in order, and to actually benefit from certain healthcare perks. If you are relatively new to the subject, and need some guidelines on how the health insurance in France works, and what are the necessary steps to obtain one, the following information will most certainly help you out:


Are you eligible to apply for insurance?

The first thing you need to research and find out is if you are actually eligible for a French health insurance. There are certain cases, in which foreigners might not benefit from any advantages in this department, so being well informed on the topic will be necessary. If you have proof or regular residency in this country for at least three months, if you are an employed worker in France, if you are a EU, EEA and Swiss citizen who wants to become a long term resident there you will be granted the possibility to receive healthcare.  If you appeler cpam, you can receive more details regarding this aspect.

How can you apply?

Knowing which are the standard rules of applying for health insurance is also something you have to learn. First you will need to join the French social security system, or simply visit a local CPAM. If you are employed and have been for a while now, your employer is the one who will need to handle health insurance formalities and register you with social security, so in this case, the process becomes less complicated. However, you will need to provide a few documents, so make sure you have anything in order.

Discussing with a specialist

When it comes to the French health care system, there are many complex aspects involved, and overlooking even an apparently insignificant detail can prevent you form enjoying the healthcare perks you should. This is why, when you are new to the entire subject, it is best advised to contact a CPAM 93 specialist, and discuss with them about the topic. You can easily find yourself such a pro just by searching online, and a simple phone call might be all you need to do, in order to understand your rights and obligations better. So, to prevent dealing with any complications or unpleasant situations, it is best advised to talk with a specialist of this domain and require their assistance for your health insurance application.

If a few months have passed since you have relocated to France, you probably know by now how many benefits the country’s healthcare system offers. However, in order for you to actually take advantage of those benefits, and to enjoy everything that France has to offer in this department, obtaining your insurance will be a necessary steps. The aspects mentioned above will help you understand what needs to be done in order to handle this task correctly.

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Tourist attractions and activities in Newcastle

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Tourist attractions and activities in Newcastle

Newcastle is an iconic city in Britain, located on the banks of the river Tyne, which is why you will probably hear people referring to it as “Newcastle upon Tyne”. If you want to learn more about Newcastle’s history, cultural heritage, its development, pack your bags and hit the road: there are plenty of things to do in Newcastle.  You can discover tourist attractions, attend to unique events or just wander around the streets admiring the Victorian buildings and enjoying the renowned nightlife. Every time you arrive here, by road or trail, the Angel of the North, a steel sculpture designed by Antony Gormley in 1998 representing people’s dreams will greet you with its wings open. The sculpture is one of the most admired in the world being considered a masterpiece.


For the art lovers

If art is one of your main interests when visiting a new place, you will not be disappointed with the options offered by Newcastle. Sculptures, monuments, cathedrals, art galleries and museums will evoke your fascination and become your number one priority. The seven Tyne Bridges, from High Level Bridge, opened by Queen Victoria in 1849, which is the oldest one followed by the Swing Bridge constructed in 1876 to the Tyne Bridge opened in 1928 and being the most representative of the city.

Built in 1838 in the centre of the city and at the junction of two historic streets, namely Grey Street and Grainger Street, Grey’s monument is an impressive sight usually representing a meeting place for many people because it is easily accessible. George Stephenson monument, a simple but important tribute to the industrialization of England is located near the Newcastle central station so, from certain angles, you can take photographs with the station in the background. The Chinese Arch is a great ornamental landmark and leads to the entrance of China Town. Obviously, here you can find some shops and restaurants, pubs and bars perfect for a night out, especially if you have an interest in the Asian style.

Discover the city’s history

St. Nicholas Cathedral, built in 1435 has an important role in Newcastle’s history containing between its walls numerous memorials and the Hexham Bible, which represents a treasure. The Lantern Tower easily noticed at the top of the cathedral was a navigation aid for many ships. Newcastle Castle is a medieval building that has a well-preserved structure and offers beautiful sights, perfect for anyone drawn by the history and the mysterious atmosphere. After restoration, now it is open to the public, so do not miss it!

Fun loving tourists

After gathering the information needed regarding the art, culture and history, you can discover other entertaining activities. For example, visiting literature and science museums, seeing a play, watching The Great North Run, a marathon where you can support the runners, shopping at the Mextro Centre and Eldon Square, drinking and tasting the main dishes served in the city, enjoying the outdoors and more. You should definitely consider the rooftop bars with terraces, allowing you to admire the great view, which becomes even more special at night.

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Top things to consider before hiring or buying a crane

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Top things to consider before hiring or buying a crane


If you are close to starting an important construction project, one task you will have to handle from the start is buying/hiring a crane. Because this type of machinery is so important for the completion of any major construction project, choosing the right option for your needs is recommend. While you are searching online for tower cranes for sale, you will see that the market stands at your disposal with quite a few range of offers, which means making a choice an seem quite difficult. Here are the tops consideration to have before making any final decisions:

The working area

You will have to think carefully about the working area where the crane will be used, because not all tower cranes available on the market work equally good for all projects, or on any construction area. Will the area be confined or widely open? Will you be able to move in a 360 degree radius? Will the environment deal with excessive amount of dirt? Are there any other particularities that can prevent you from using a tower crane to its maximum potential? These are questions you need to ask yourself, and later make a choice based on your answer. The crane needs to suit your particular needs above anything else.

Consider the objectives of your projects

Besides the actual working area, the objectives of your project and of your team are also relevant when selecting a crane. You will need to think immediately what the job will consist of before actually acquiring the necessary equipment. There are tower cranes that might not support certain tasks, so knowing with exactitude what you will be using the crane for is certainly recommended. So make sure to not overlook the importance of this aspect.

The supplier

Last but not least, research the supplier’s reputation, and see if they are the right option for you. In order to prevent yourself rom dealing with delays, unpleasant situations, or unreasonable fees, rent or buy your tower crane from a reliable company with enough experience in the field. There are a few things you can do in order to determine just how reliable the supplier actually is. Asking for client references, discussing with their customer service department to see who responsive and friendly they seem, or doing a background check on the company are ways in which you can establish if you are dealing with a supplier worth your money and trust. These aspects are relevant, regardless if you are interested in a hire or purchase option.

As you can see, thinking through some important aspects before purchasing or hiring a tower crane will be necessary, if you want to avoid dealing with any inconveniences. Now that you know more on the topic, you can manage renting or buying the tower crane of your preference easier and with less worries. Keep in mind each one of the tips above mentioned, and you will not deal with any sort of problems.

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Q&As every student has on PTE classes

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Q&As every student has on PTE classes

When it comes to English language tests, there are many options available. The most popular ones are Cambridge, TOEFL and IELTS tests, yet a viable alternative to these ones is the Pearson Test of English Academic, or more commonly known as PTE. You may have heard of it at some point in your life, but you probably still have many questions related to where to take PTE classes Sydney and to the exam, so here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions.


What exactly is PTE?

The PTE is a computer-based test whose purpose is to assess your English language skills. It is worth mentioning it is designed for non-native speakers who intend to apply for various university courses located in one of the many English-speaking countries. Over the years, the number of students interested in studying abroad has significantly increased and in order to apply for a specific university from the UK, the USA, Canada and so on, it is necessary to take this test first.

To what extent is it different from other English language tests?

PTE differs in many layers from the well-known TOEFL and IELTS tests. It was launched in 2009, which is why many are sceptical when it comes to taking this test, although experts in the field recognize it as viable. Compared to other English language exams, PTE provides students the expected results in only five working days, which is a lot faster. Also, the test results offer more details, giving the student a more accurate overview of his or her English language skills in nearly all areas of language.

Is PTE recognized worldwide?

Yes, PTE is worldwide recognized, the most popular destinations for students interested in studying abroad being the UK, the US, Australia and Canada. However, before making any step towards taking this exam, it is best you contact the university to which you want to apply in order to ensure they accept and recognize this test as viable.

How much does it cost?

Just as in the case of other English language tests, students need to pay a fee in order to take the PTE. Usually, the fee ranges between 200 and US$300, but keep in mind that this may vary from one country to another. It is recommended you check the exact fees assigned for the nearest test centre to your location. All you have to do is access their official website.

More details on the exam

If you are interested in taking this test, you should first visit the PTE Academic website and check the list of all available centre locations from all over the world where you can take the test. There are over 200 such centres in over 50 countries. If you did not pass the test from your first attempt, you should know you can retake the test as many times as you want. The only condition here is that you have to wait until you have received your test results before you book another one.

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