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Tricks to select a marquee provider for your event

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Tricks to select a marquee provider for your event

In the summer, the best place where you can organise an event is in a marquee. In this case, you have the possibility to choose the venue, and you only have to talk with a provider, and ask them bring the marquee at the spot you decide. If in the past people used to organise only informal events in marquees, nowadays you can even plan a conference here, because they are suitable to be used for different occasions. However, if you are the person who has to marquee hire London, then you should pay attention to some details, because it is not as easy as you might think to select one from the multitude of providers. Here are some tricks that would prove very useful in the process, so take a look at them.


What types of marquee it provides

This is the first aspect you should check, because depending on the type of your event, you have to be sure that the provider is able to offer you exactly the model you need. When it comes to different models of marquee, they differ not only in size but also in style, so if you have to organise a family event, you might want to choose one with more features, and decorations, but if you have to plan a formal event, you would have to opt for a simple one.

Discuss with former clients

When you have to hire a marquee provider, it is advisable to contact some of their former clients, to see if they were contempt with the quality of the services they received. It is advisable to ask about the receptiveness of the staff, and if they took into consideration their preferences, in case they asked for a specific look and features of the marquee. In addition, if you have special requirements, you have to be sure that the company is willing to customise the marquee.

Access the website of the provider

When contacting the provider by phone, you might not be able to find all the information you are interested in, because you might simply forget to ask about them. Therefore, it is advisable to access the website of the company, and see what services they offer, the types of marquee they provide, and what features every one of them has. In addition, there you would find all the details you need to know about the items the provider offers alongside with the marquee, and what other services the company has.

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Visit London on a budget – free things to do

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You definitely have a friend or a relative who has already been to London at least once and told you about all the amazing tourist attractions there, which has made you want to visit the capital of the UK even more. However, you are probably afraid that you will need a lot of money for this trip, even though you plan to stay there only a couple of days. Read these useful tips in case you are interested in planning a low-budget trip to London and add these free places on your list.


Art galleries

You should know that not all tourist attractions in London ask visitors for entrance fees, and one very good example is art galleries such as Tate Modern and Tate Britain. These are the most visited national art galleries in the city and they house some of the most amazing and finest artworks in the world so make sure you add some of them to your list when visitare Londra in 4 giorni. If you are more into contemporary art, you should go to Tate Modern, whereas if you want to learn more about the sixteenth century England, Tate Britain is the right choice for you.


Just as in the case of art galleries, most London museums are free and they only ask for fees in the case of certain special exhibitions. Learn the history of England’s capital at the Museum of London and see how people’s houses used to look like in the past at the Geffrye Museum.

Parks and gardens in London

If you need some time to relax, then going for a walk in one of the London’s parks or gardens is what you should choose. Feel like a real Englishman on the pathways of St James’s Park, where you can also have the best sight of Buckingham Palace, or go to Hyde Park to see the Peter Pan Statue if you want to feel child again.

Changing of the guard

No visit to London should be completed without including on the list attending to this military tradition. The Queen’s Guard changes inside the gates of the Buckingham Palace right in the Forecourt, and the spectacle offered will leave you mesmerized. Make sure you get there early in the morning if you want to view this from outside the front gates.

As you can see, there are plenty of things to do in London even on a low budget, so make this city your next holiday destination.

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HST rebate for real estate – a chance you need to take

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HST rebate for real estate – a chance you need to take

Owning your own personal domicile is definitely a huge responsibility from many points of view. Whether you decide to buy a new home or you plan to rehabilitate an older, damaged one, you must be aware of the fact that the expenses involved in the process are quite considerable. However, if you live in Canada, you are a lucky person because authorities have come up with a program aimed to help you reduce costs or at least recover part of your money. The HST (harmonized sales tax) rebate, available for various goods, is not accessible to those who decide in real estate, too. So, if you have paid a lot on your house, you are now likely to get a great part of your money back. If you are thinking about the idea and you want to claim tax rebate, there are some things you should know beforehand. Here are some relevant pieces of information:


What can you get the HST for?

When it comes to real estate, you can apply for a HST rebate in many situations. For example, if you decide to buy a condo directly from the building company, you can get a great percent of the harmonized sales ax back. The rule is available within 2 years from the purchase, for an amount of up to $30,000. What is more, if you are the builder, you can still ask for the rebate as long as you use the property as your residence. Another situation where you will benefit from HST rebate is if you buy a new house or you renovate an old one in proportion of about 90%. The government is willing to give you back up to $16,080 of the total sum paid. Taking into consideration that the program can be accessed two years after the purchase or renovation is done, make sure you apply within the legal period, while you are still eligible.

How can a specialist help you?

Whether you decide to start the procedure right away after you buy the new home, or after a while, what you must definitely do is hire a dedicated company. They are constantly up to date with any change that may appear in the federal law, which means they can offer you the best legal advice. In addition to the legal part of the matter, there is also the financial one. The HST rebate is calculated depending on multiple criteria, among which your income and the amount you paid are only the most important ones. There are many things to take into consideration and a professional financial advisor will know exactly what to do to help you maximize your returns.


All in all, the HST rebate for new or renovated homes is a real support for you and your finances. You can get a return on properties that cost a maximum amount of $450,000 and the per cent varied depending on the county or area where you live. Remember that the real estate needs to be used as a residence and choose a reliable HST rebate company.

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Designer sneakers are still a must in your collection

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Designer sneakers are still a must in your collection

The world of men’s fashion sure changes a lot, with new and interesting trends coming out every season, yet some items seem to never lose their popularity and timelessness. One of the best examples is of course the tuxedo, but a trend doesn’t necessarily have to be formal in order to remain popular. Think of men’s sneakers, for example. Ever since they were invented, they’ve never gone out of style and every man owns a pair. However, there are many brands out there, so what should you choose, a pair of original designer sneakers from brands such as Reebok Classic or a cheap rip-off? Here are the most convincing reasons why you should throw away your low-cost sneakers and replace them with high end ones.


Be a trendsetter


Fashion is not just about dressing up, it’s about expressing your unique sense of style, so why be a copy? High end brands are the first to release new and innovative sneaker designs and other cheaper brands only replicate them in a year or two. If you’re the kind of person who likes being unique and wearing the latest trends first, then you should definitely invest in high quality sneakers. If you’re worried about the price, you can simply buy them online, on websites like https://www.thelvrg.com/, where prices are lower than in stores.


In a world of rip-offs, be original


Chinese replicas are everywhere these days, from small boutiques to large commercial centers. Although the demand for them is considerable and many people buy them, they have a bad reputation for being rip-offs. So why not choose to be different and invest in the real thing instead of a replica? Although you can buy several pairs of low-end sneakers for the price of a designer one, the original one is much more valuable, and not just because the label says so. You can see from a mile away that the original design is better and that it simply fits better. Original designer sneakers inspire quality, prestige and high-end fashion and every true street fashion enthusiast should own at least one pair.


Better quality


Last, but not least, originals aren’t better just because of their reputation and design, but also because of their premium quality. They are more expensive than rip-offs, but you get what you pay for. If a pair of low-end replicas will often hurt your feet and get holes in the soles after just a few months of daily wear, originals will last for years because they are made from premium materials that can withstand wear and tear. Needless to say, they do a better job at supporting the foot, so you don’t get blisters or aches. What’s more, they look great for longer, whereas replicas tend to decolor and crack easily. If you have a larger budget, don’t be tempted to buy more pairs of low-end sneakers, because they will break easily and in a couple of months you’ll have to buy a new one. In the long run, a pair of Reebok Classic is a much better deal!

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Water fed window system – cleaning just become easy and simple

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Water fed window system – cleaning just become easy and simple

You might be the type of person who loves to stay in a room with big windows, because you are aware of the many benefits natural light brings to you. Therefore, you have chosen to install big windows both at home and at office, but when it comes to cleaning them, you might regret this decision. Well, you do not have to change them, and opt for smaller ones, because the only thing that has to change is your cleaning habit. You should change the old substances and cleaning tools with a new water fed window cleaning pole system, because it would leave your windows cleaner than ever, and they would maintain their beauty for a longer period. You might not have used this system in the past because you do not understand how it works, well, in this article, you will find all the details you need, to help you decide opt for it.


It uses purified water

The ordinary cleaning system people are opting for is using tap water that is full of minerals and sediments, and these impurities cause streaking and spotting on the surface of your windows. Water fed window systems are using purified waters, and they pass the water through multiple resins and filters, which means that you will not have to deal with these issues anymore.

It gets into high places

You might live in a house with a floor, or you might have your office in a high building, and you always have troubles in cleaning them. But, if you opt for this type of cleaning system, you will not experience this issue, because it uses telescopic poles which are able to offer access to the heights windows. This system implies water that is pumped through the poles, so the dirt would be rinsed and scrubbed, and you will enjoy looking through your windows again. In addition, this system is perfect for high windows, because it uses pure water, which dries naturally, and you will not have to worry about using a different tool for this action.

It is a safe system

No matter if, you live in a high building or not, cleaning the windows was considered a dangerous process since the oldest times, so you might be a little stressed out when you have to do it. Even if you hire a person, you still have the fear that something wrong might happen, and you will be responsible for it. Therefore, now you have the possibility to opt for a safe cleaning system, because the water fed cleaning system is one of the safest you will find on the market. The operators would not have to climb to get to the windows, because they can do all the work from the safety of the ground, and use the telescopic poles to get to the windows. Home and commercial cleaning is a safe process now, and you do not have to worry that you, your employees or anyone else would get hurt while trying to clean the windows.

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3 reasons why you should love the tunic dress              

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3 reasons why you should love the tunic dress              

The tunic dress was the basic garment in Roman clothing. Both men and women used to wear tunics made from expensive cotton or silk. The reason why they preferred this item of clothing is that they found it to be very versatile. It seems that modern designers have realized too that this loose piece is highly resourceful, making it a signature of their collection. Celebrities as well as fashion bloggers have at least one tunic dress in their wardrobe and so should you. The tunic dress is definitely a must for every wardrobe and if you want to get your hands on quality tunics dresses, consider House of Holland clothing. There are many reasons why you should absolutely love this garment.

The tunic dress is comfy

The best thing about the tunic dress is the fact that that it is incredibly comfortable. There is a good reason why the tunic is also called a sack dress. The piece of clothing is not tight fitting, so it will not impose restrictions. You will literally feel like you are wearing pajamas all day long. Thanks to the loose shirt, you will be able to move with ease, which is a big plus for women who are a little bit older. So, if you are looking for a garment that helps you remain comfortable, the tunic dress is the ideal option.

A high degree of versatility

By versatility it is understood that you can wear the tunic for just about any occasion. You can accessories you want, not to mention that you have the possibility of wearing the tunic as a dress or as a shirt if it is a little bit shorter. Even if the tunic is generally classified as a mini-dress, you can wear it with a pair of jeans or shorts. The choice is really up to you. Equally important is mentioning that you can wear the tunic dress throughout the year. Basically, you can wear the garment in the fall as well as in the winter. To make a successful transition to the cold season, all you have to do is to include a pair of leggings.

The tunic dress flatters every body type

Women know that getting dressed is all about dressing the body. Since tunics are loose, they are the perfect match for every body type. It does not really matter if you have belly fat or a large chest. The tunic dress will hide these imperfections, so you can say goodbye to figure issues. Tunic dresses are so effective that they have practically become the new mom dress. You will feel much better knowing that your clothing is not drawing attention to your problem areas, not to mention that you will look cool. The look is incredibly chic

Next time you go on a shopping trip, you better make sure to get your hands on a tunic dress. You will not regret the decision of opting for this long garment. You will never ever want to throw this piece of clothing aside.


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How to Get the Most Out of Your Counselling Sessions

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Counselling Sessions

To make the decision to speak to a Harley Street counsellor for any given reason is to take the first step towards a brighter future. Whether it’s drug addiction, relationship issues, problems in the workplace or anything else across the board, professional counsellors really can make an enormous difference.

Of course, anyone approaching the idea of counselling for the first time is likely to find the prospect somewhat daunting, having no frame of reference or any real idea what to expect. You want to make sure you get the very most out of your counselling sessions, genuinely don’t knowing how to ensure this is the case.

So while the specifics of counselling will always vary enormously in accordance with the individual and their specific issues, the following six tips apply universally across the board:

1 – Study the Subject

First of all, it is important to understand the fact that the more you understand about any given subject, the less intimidating and daunting it becomes. Which is precisely the case when it comes to both counselling and the subject you intend to bring to the attention of the counsellor. If you are worried about your current alcohol consumption, consider studying the subject in the run-up to your counselling sessions. If you are having relationship issues, perhaps buy an accredited book and read up to improve your knowledge. The more familiar you become with the subject, the more successful your counselling sessions will most likely be.

2 – Limit Who You Listen To

While there’s an incredible amount of extremely helpful information out there on every given subject related to counselling, there’s also a lot of conflicting information and harmful myths. As such, it is highly advisable that when you are doing your research and generally finding out what to expect, you carefully limit who you listen to. Put simply, if the information you come across has not been provided by way of a responsible or accredited source, it is information you should take with a pinch of salt. After all, there is a very big and very important difference between fact and personal opinion – the latter may steer you down entirely the wrong path.

3 – Be Honest and Open

In the sessions themselves, the single most important thing you must do at all times is ensure that you are honest and open. The reason being that if you in any way sugar-coat, dilute or skip over key facts and information, you cannot possibly expect the counsellor to provide comprehensively helpful advice and services. This is one place you can say quite literally anything without fear of reprisal – being anything other than honest and open will only set you back and jeopardise the whole process.

4 – Remain Goal-Focused

Professional counselling is largely about establishing sensible and reachable goals, which are then targeted by way of on-going solutions and measurable progress. It is important that these goals be kept in mind at all times and become your primary focus, both during the sessions themselves and in your everyday life in general. It is only by having something to work towards that you will find the motivation and confidence required to make real progress. Rather than spending too much time thinking and overthinking the problem, focus more on the solution and your ultimate goals.

5 – Join Online Groups and Forums

Whatever it is you are going through, it is worth remembering that there are thousands of others just like you facing very similar situations. Which is precisely why professionals often recommend their clients to get involved with online groups and forums, which can be great for sharing support and conversing with others just like them. It can often feel as though you are the only person in the world who genuinely knows what it is you are going through.  The moment you realise this isn’t the case at all the, you might suddenly find the whole thing much easier to deal with.

6 – See It for What It Is

Last but not least, there are essentially two ways of looking at counselling – one being as a chore, the other as something entirely positive. When you think about it, it’s of course the latter of the two that makes more sense. While it may be a challenging process and one that means acknowledging things you may have preferred not to acknowledge, it is all geared toward a positive long-term outcome. There may be a thousand places in the world you would rather be than the counsellor’s office, but if you can convince yourself that this really is the best place for you to be, chances are you will get so much more out of the process.


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